Introducing the Dekken Chair - 1st True Multi-Function High Chair

Introducing the Dekken Chair - 1st True Multi-Function High Chair

What a great Year so far, (and a busy one too)!

We are happy to announce that Dekken is live!

Introducing the Dekken™ Chair.... Here. There. Everywhere.™

(You might be wondering what is Dekken exactly)?  
Dekken is the name behind our new multi-purpose portable travel highchair - and it is going to make your lives a whole lot easier

How so?

This reversible piece is the ideal travel accessory when you are out & about with no safe seating solution for your baby (take it with you on vacation, to restaurants, friend's places, or when the Grandkids visit). 

Extremely light & packable, just fold and put into your diaper bag. 
Completely machine washable in the hot wash and dry cycle.

How did we come up with the Dekken Chair?

As parents ourselves, we needed a simple solution to make travel easy!
The answer, a portable travel chair that is light, packable, fully machine washable and something that puts the ease back into going out with baby!

  • Our Dekken™ Chair is reversible (so it hides spills with a flip)
  • It can be used on any chair with an opening or without
  • It is multi purpose: it also acts as a grocery cart cover and a diaper change pad
  • The 8" velcro enclosure at the back is super strong, no child can escape this!
  • Perfect travel accessory and handy when visiting restaurants, friend's places or keeping at Grandma's house.

What does Dekken mean?
Dekken translated from Dutch means to protect, and that is exactly what the Dekken Chair does for your child: as a travel highchair, as a change pad and also as a shopping cart cover. 

We are excited to have you experience this ultimate travel accessory for your baby!

Happy travels,
Christina & Scott


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