Here. There. Everywhere.™ Dekken

Here. There. Everywhere.™ Dekken

We are going to make your lives a whole lot easier, thanks to the revolutionary Dekken™ Chair. 

A simple item that will make travel easy, light and stress-free and make visiting restaurants or friend's places carefree, so you can eat in peace. 

Introducing the Dekken™ Chair.... Here. There. Everywhere.™

As parents ourselves, we needed a simple solution to make travel easy!
The answer, a portable travel chair that is light, packable, fully machine washable and something that puts the ease back into going out with baby!

  • Our Dekken™ Chair is reversible (so it hides spills with a flip)
  • It can be used on any chair with an opening or without
  • It is multi purpose: it also acts as a grocery cart cover and a diaper change pad
  • The 8" velcro enclosure at the back is super strong, no child can escape this!
  • Perfect travel accessory and handy when visiting restaurants, friend's places or keeping at Grandma's house.

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